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We come from a family of homesteaders. In the 1920’s my family settled on the edge of the Red Deer river valley in Drumheller, while Sherry’s grandparents pulled up to their new quarter section, in the heart of the Alberta prairies, with nothing more than 12 chickens, 1 milk cow and 3 horses.

Both families farmed the land and ran mixed farms with commercial cattle, which is what Sherry and I started with in the summer of ’91 when we purchased 20 heifers and our first Red Angus Bull named Moses. We always joked that Moses; much like the man he was named after, would lead us to the promise land.
Anchor Ranch sits on the edge of a coulee. The basement of our house has been cut into a hillside and from our back door we are no more than a couple feet from where our cattle graze.

When we decided to expand our operation into purebreds, we came across this piece of land just outside of Carbon Alberta. Two big coulees; flanked by farmland, rolled for miles. The hills were carved by a running spring water stream which eventually pooled into a small pond. The hills were covered in natural grasslands and above, there were pieces of flat land to grow a crop of hay.
The goals for our purebred operation are simple. Produce solid maternal cattle, offer a premium selection of Red Angus bulls, and maintain a healthy herd of livestock, with excellent disposition.

Only good producers stay in our herd. When selecting our cattle, we look for females with high capacity that are fertile and calve easily. The calves must be vigorous and eager to live and the cows must be able to feed and protect their offspring. Our cow-calf pairs are low maintenance and conditioned to handle all types of weather and terrain. Come spring, the females are ready for breeding and the bulls are excited to get out to the pasture.
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